We see the face of God in all our guests and treat them with equanimity, irrespective of their race, nationality, religion, or social standing. Our homestay is nestled within an organic farm and hence offers peace, privacy and relaxation to our guests. Though situated amidst a bustling city, we strive to preserve and maintain a natural environment, studded with coconut and arecanut palms, banana plants and fruit trees.

Consequent to the lock-down that was imposed by the Government of India in March 2020, due to the feared onset of Covid-19, in all parts of the world, which really happened a few months later, we had suspended all our activities since March 2020.. Even though the lock-down was lifted since September 2020, our country is one of the worst affected ones, according to the daily statistics being issued by “World-O- Meter”; the official site of The World Health Organisation.

Dr. Radhkrishnan had said; “We cannot change the situation, but we can change our attitude towards it”. It requires radical changes in our lifestyle and activities in order to live through these difficult times.

We target customers who appreciate the constraints of a Homestay, regarding contact, service, cleaning, food etc; strictly adhering to the health protocols, issued by the government from time to time, but at the same time are aware of the holistic atmosphere here and the attitude of wellness we provide.


Like all Pandemics, COVID-19 shall also sweep over the world in waves, until an effective remedy or vaccine is developed to arrest its flow. Therefore we have adopted a five pronged strategy to overcome this threat; physically, mentally and spiritually and it is humbly listed below:

1. The first step is to boost our bodily immunity to withstand both viral and bacterial infections.

2. Secondly; maintain personal hygiene and social distancing to keep others and ourselves safe.

3. Thirdly; be aware of its symptoms and seek medical help if any appears.

4. Fourthly; repent for our sins and seek God’s mercy; since a repentant sinner is more acceptable to God than one who justifies himself. (2 Samuel:24:24-25). Also forgive others for the wrongs being committed against us. (Genesis:26:23-25).

5. Finally; seek the intercession of saints and sages, since they are serious prayer warriors and are always there, ready to help us. As Mahatma Gandhi says; “Prayer begets bliss!”

(For timely updates and details, please see the different pages of this website)

POST SCRIPT: We wish to confirm and to note that after almost three year, while the world s facing the various mutations of this pandemic with the variants which are very infectious, the above five fold plan has been found very effective in our case. It has improved the physical, mental and spiritual health of our family members and has safeguarded us from all evil influences.  We wish to thank all the saints & sages from around the world for supporting us through their prayers, and also for keeping this website alive and active through their continued presence and patronage, though the commercial activities relating to travel and stay are not much. IT IS WORTH MENTIONING THAT THEY ARE HELPING US TO DEVELOP NEW PRODUCTS, RELATED TO AGRICULTURE, FOOD SAFETY AND THE MAINETENANCE OF BODILY IMMUNITY.


 Though our homestay is situated in a large compound, it is fully secure, with six feet wall all around it. In addition we have a watch dog who is very vigilant especially during night and is trained to detect and to bring to our attention any suspicious movement both within the compound and its periphery as well. Since we are staying with family in the same building on the ground floor, all necessary help and assistance are provided as and when needed. Due to the peculiar situation being created due to covid-19, personal contact is being kept to minimum. Personal hygene should be strictly observed and outside visitors are not allowed.



LARGE, SPACIOUS, MULTISIZE AIR CONDITIONED Rooms arranged as per customers' requirements, and two Central Halls for Get-together/ Conference, which can accommodate a maximum of twenty persons in each hall; strictly maintaining the health protocols. However this facility is at present restricted to the people who stay in each floor only.

ROOMS: Equipped with single/double cots, writing tables, chairs, cupboards and cable TVs. Though we provide custom bed linen, which are washed and sanitized regularly, as a measure of additional precaution, customers are requested to bring their own toilet articles, bed sheets and pillow covers etc; for use during their stay. They are also requested to wear masks and keep physical distancing whenever they move out.
All rooms are En-suite (bath attached) with European style closets, showers, hot/cold water, dressing mirrors and wardrobes.Large Solar water heater with backup facility is available to ensure round the clock supply of hot/cold water. 
All rooms including bathrooms are fully mosquito-proof and are constructed in such a way to provide cross-flow air circulation.To save energy, low power consuming A/Cs are provided.
Adequate Parking facility is available both inside and outside the compound.


Valid passport & visa/ ID proofs are required, to comply with statutory norms. As a measure of precaution, we request our customers to carry with them any proof that they are vaccinated when they arrive, for their own safety, as well as the safety of those with whom they come in contact. Since the homestay is a part of our residence, we discourage public smoking, public drinking of alcohol, co-habitation of unmarried couples and all types of indecent behaviour.
Due to limitted staff, Room Service is not available. Guests are requested to co-operate with us in maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and surroundings.


1. From the Cochin International Airport- 35 Kilometers: By car 40 minutes: By Bus 80 minutes.

2. From Ernakulam South Junction Railway Station East entry 150 meters:

3. From Metro Station Kadavanthra & Ernakulam South: 200 meters.

4. From Vytilla National highway Junction & Mobility Hub: 3 Kms.

5. From K S R T C City Bus stand-800 meters.

6. From Ernakulam North Railway Station- 4 Kms from the East Entry along the Kaloor- Kadavanthra Road.


Opposite New Kadavanthra Market, Market Road: Near Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium; Indira Gandhi Hospital, Central School and Kadavanthra Police Station. The location is available in our site map given above.