February can be considered as the beginning of spring season in Kerala. The climate is moderately warm and pleasant. During February, large number of tourists visits Kerala. Days are very pleasant but nights are a bit cold. It is the ideal time for visiting Cochin City as the weather is cool and dry. It is advised to carry some woolen cloths while trekking up the hilly regions, and also carry an umbrella for shielding against bright sunlight and occasional bouts of afternoon rainfall.

 After the summer equinoxes on March 21st, the temperature turns warmer. Summer season in Kerala begins towards March end. The days are sunny and moderately warm, but the nights are very pleasant. These are the best months for visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Beaches and Backwaters. It is a good time for adventure activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Jeep safari, Boating and Bird watching.

As the name suggests, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts are grown here organically, without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We are also purchasing certified organic products from other retail outlets which are nearby. In addition to this, all ingredients which are sourced from outside are detoxified and washed thoroughly by using tamarind paste and brine solution. 
Thus we are able to provide good quality food items at reasonable rates. Over a period of several years we have been formulating and perfecting different blends of spice mixtures and curry powders, which provide a unique flavour and taste to our food preparations.
There is a large waste treatment plant to produce Bio-gas; being used as fuel. 
The slurry is used as organic manure for the trees and plants being grown here.    
The cooking oil being used is refined sunflower oil.  
Trans-fats and hydrogenated oils are not used and so also cooking oils are not reused. 
The food is served in the dining room on the first floor, where the guests stay. (Please see the picture above). It can also be served outside; if the weather conditions are favourable; the number of guests is large and if they prefer it. Given below are Breakfast foods and other items, which are prepared by us. 
BREAKFAST: (8 A.M TO 10 A.M): (Rs 80/-per person). For Groups who come for Short stay and Book in advance: 
1. Appam with Vegetable / Egg curry, plantain & Tea. 
2. Rice Puttu with Bengal gram Curry, plantain &Tea. 
3. Idly / Dosa with Sambar, Chutney, plantain & Tea.  
4. Bread toast with Omelet, plantain & Tea. 
5. Poori with Masala, plantain & Tea.
BUDGET DINNER: (8-10 P.M): (Rs. 80/- person): (For Groups Only):
1. Veg Meals wth Rice, Sambar/ Pulissery/ Buttermilk; vegetable thoran, pappad & pickle.
2. Kanji (Rice porridge) with green gram thoran; moloshyam, pappad & picke.
3. Chappathis with Vegetable Stew/ Egg curry & tea.
4. Vegetable biriyani with salad, pickle & pappad. 
OTHER FOOD PREPARATIONS : (Rs. 100/- to Rs. 150/-person): (For Groups Only):
1. Bread/ Appam/ chappathy with Egg curry, tea/ payasm.
2. Bread/ Appam/ Chappathi/ with Chicken curry, tea/ payasm.
3. Chicken Biriyani with salad, pickle & papad, tea/ payasm.
4.Raagi/ Millet/ Corn/ Njavara Rice Puttu with Egg/ Chicken curry, tea/ payasm.
5. Boiled rice with fish curry, thoran, sambar/ pulissery/ butter milk, papad, pickle & payasm. 

  • We have developed various products to preserve and maintain bodily immunity and to maintan a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown period. They contain various agricultural products which are organically grown or are detoxified before use.The images are displayed below: