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No Room Category Tariff
1 Non A/C Single Room (En-suite): INR.600/day
2 Non A/C Double Room (En-suite): INR.700/day
3 Non A/C Room:3 Beds (En-suite): INR.800/day
4 Non A/C Room: 4 Beds:(En-suite): INR.900/day
5 Non A/C Room: 5 Beds:(En-suite): INR.1000/day
6 Non A/C Room: 6 Beds:(En-suite): INR.1100/day
7 A/C Single Room:(En-suite): INR.700/day
8 A/C Double Room:(En-suite): INR.800/day
9 A/C Room: 3 Beds:(En-suite): INR.900/day
10 A/C Room:4 Beds:(En-suite): INR.1000/day
11 A/C Room:5 Beds:(En-suite): INR.1100/day
12 A/C Room:6 Beds:(En-suite): INR.1200/day
13 Extra Bed: Per person: (Including Children above six Years): INR.100/day
14 Non A/C Fresh up Stay: (6 A.M- 12 P.M) Per person INR.500/day

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Due to the increasing risks being associated with the spread of virus diseases and terrorism, we have been advised by the concerned authorities to interact with the guests and satisfy ourselves before giving them accommodation, since the prime responsibility to maintain the security and the healthy enviornment here, falls upon us. Therefore please contact us directly before a booking is made either online or through NEFT.

Though our homestay is situated in a large compound, it is fully secure, with six feet wall all around it. In addition we have two watch dogs. They  are  very vigilant especially during night and they are trained to detect and to bring to our attention any suspicious movement both within the compound and its periphery as well. Since we are staying with family in the same building on the ground floor, all necessary help and assistance are provided as and when needed.


1. Individual room rates are applicable according to the number of persons occupying each room; including children above six years. Since we have large, multi-size rooms, extra beds can be provided to accommodate five to seven persons in each room. So also, seperate accommodation for Ladies, Gents & Family can be provided depending upon the size of the members in each category. Discounts are given for longer duration of continuous stay from  ten days to one month.

2. The rental rates are subject to change according to seasonal demand and availability of rooms. Booking can be made through NEFT by paying 50% of the rooms rent as advance for the entire duration of stay. Advance booking is advisable due to limited number of rooms. 

3. These rates include all taxes & service charges. Electricity is charged @ actual for A/C and Non A/C Stay  in order to save energy and to avoid wastage.

4. We have a solar water heater with back-up facility and an effective Rain water harvesting system to ensure adequate supply of water for the needs of our guests.

5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund if cancelled before 30 days prior to arrival date and 50% up to two days before the date of arrival for Bank Transfer, but no refund after that; (less bank charges). The guest can change or modify booking free of charge up to SEVEN DAYS prior to arrival date, subject to availability of rooms, and this facility shall be available only once. Rentals & other charges prevailing at the time of arrival shall be applicable.


Valid passport & visa/ ID proofs are required, to comply with statutory norms. As a measure of precaution, we request our customers to carry with them any proof that they are vaccinated, when they arrive, for their own safety, as well as the safety of those with whom they come in contac(EXCEPT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 10 YEARS, WHO MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH THEIR PARENTS). Since the homestay is a part of our residence, we discourage public smoking, public drinking of alcohol, co-habitation of unmarried couples and all types of indecent behaviour.
Due to limitted staff, Room Service is not available. Guests are requested to co-operate with us in maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and surroundings.

BANK DETAILS: State Bank of India,


Payee Name: Joseph Mathew.

A/C  No: 40071128634

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